Giga Entertainment Media Asks you to Join the ‘Selfeo’ Family and Get in on the Informative, Fun Experience of Social Sharing

Giga Entertainment Media Reviews

In a world where we’re constantly plugged into the people, events and culture all around us, things can get a little overwhelming. What’s more, how many times have you found yourself honestly impressed with the content that you find offered up to the world on social media? If you’re anything like the folks at Giga Entertainment Media, not all that often. That’s why they decided to do something about it by creating the “Selfeo” smartphone application that’s now available for download.

In a nutshell, the app allows users to place their face on a customizable screen and offer input and opinion on video from  Giga Entertainment Media’s vast library or any other source online. Sporting event you want to sound off on? Breaking news where you’re near the scene or know the subject matter? These are but two examples of what the “Selfeo” app can do for users. If you’re looking for Giga Entertainment Media reviews, we encourage you to keep reading and learn more about this recently-released mobile phone app.

In the spirit of getting the conversation started, we’d like to offer up a few more instances where the “Selfeo” technology offered by Giga Entertainment Media can be put to use. Imagine a fascinating weather event that you’ve got a front seat for. Who wouldn’t want to tune in and watch while being updated in real-time by your face and voice? With the “Selfeo” adjustable screen layout, tens of thousands of people will be able to watch your feed and see what  you’re seeing while hearing what you’re thinking.

It’s truly remarkable technology and we’re ready to put it in your hands! If you think you need to be in the right place at the right time to capture something that might be deemed “news-worthy,” think again. An afternoon out riding your mountain bike, industry trade show fair or even a something as simple as cooking demonstration are all aided by the “Selfeo” service. We are positive that this is going to change the way people learn from social media. For more information, visit